Low Libido

low libidoWhat is low libido?

Low libido, or lack of libido, is a decreased sex drive. A person with low libido feels no or very little desire for others. They also don’t feel desire in general, not even the need for self-stimulation.

Do I have low libido?

When talking about lack of libido, it’s important to remember that all of us experience sexual arousal and desire differently. There is no ‘normal’ amount of desire, arousal, or sexual activity for the average human being.

So having a low libido is typically said to be something you have to feel is not right.

What causes low libido?

Lack of libido could be due to one or more of these issues:

  • Depression
  • A side effect of certain medications
  • Relationship issues, such as a lack of trust in your partner, or becoming bored by a routine sex life
  • Physical health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  • The aging process
  • Drug use
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excessive drinking
  • Low self-confidence
  • A history of sexual abuse or trauma
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Lack of sleep
  • Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

Additionally, there are some specific issues that men or women face, which can result in a low libido.

Loss of male libido may (also) be due to issues like:

  • Lack of confidence due to erectile dysfunction or ejaculation issues
  • Low testosterone levels (a hormonal change that often occurs with aging)

Low libido in women is more common than it is for men, and in addition to the general causes of low libido, women also have a few more gender-related ones, including:

  • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, breast feeding, menopause, or a hysterectomy
  • Certain types of contraception
  • Pain from vaginal dryness or other issues during sex
  • Vaginismus

What are the negative effects of low libido?

Sex and desire aren’t everything – but they’re still very important to most people. A low sex drive can affect your confidence, general sense of wellbeing, and even physical health (for example, recent studies seem to find that frequent male ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer).

Low libido can also take a major toll on your relationship. Whether you’re in a long-term one, or trying to find  ‘the one’, lack of libido can be a major source of strife, frustration, anger, and sadness for both partners.

How can I increase my libido?

Just as there are different causes of low libido, there are also different treatment options. The Thrive programme can help you with resolving the psychological and emotional issues that are to blame for most cases of low libido.

Drawing knowledge from various therapy methods, combined with other techniques, the Thrive programme is a unique process that will help you get to know yourself and how you respond to challenges. Over the course of 6 Thrive training sessions, you’ll find self-knowledge and a way to change how you view and face obstacles in your life.

The Thrive programme has helped people around the world. You can read some of their powerful testimonials here.

Including Donald’s, in which he writes, ‘I highly recommend… the Thrive program for anyone who is suffering from something like sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression or obsessive compulsive behavior.’

Or Dec, another Thriver, who shares: ‘[My] sex life is great….I’ve found my outlook has completely changed.

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